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Auckland’s Specialists in Security Alarms and Cameras

With years of industry experience and expertise, Pacific GSM helps homes and business across the nation with advanced safety solutions. We install security alarms all over NZ for a variety of domestic and commercial applications to give you the peace of mind you need to keep your family, staff and property safe.

Security Alarms

 Choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Alarms for a variety of security measures

Our products are designed to meet all the needs of any premises and give you comprehensive access through a free cloud-based platform. We are unmatched for knowledge and expertise in the field and create innovative and intuitive products.


Jablotron 80


This system is highly popular in Auckland and across NZ for its consistency and reliability, and has been the go-to model for many years. While alerting you to any break-ins, the Jablotron 80 can also detect gas leaks, temperatures, fires and more to keep your property completely safe.


Jablotron 100


As an upgrade from the previous unit, the Jablotron 100 takes what the 80 did right and improves it even further, with a more advanced system that is still simple to control and can be accessed by you at any time through a computer or smartphone.


GSM Camera


For an added level of protection and an effective deterrent, installing GSM Cameras is an effective choice. With a quality image, online access and modern design, quality cameras combined with security alarms will remove any doubts you have about safety.



Don’t put yourself at risk any longer – get your security alarm installed in Auckland, NZ today. Get in touch via our contact form or call our team on 09 948 4762.

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