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My Jablotron

MyJablotron Web Self-Service is a unique service that allows online access to your devices produced by JABLOTRON.

My Jablotron web self-service is designed for end users and installers and is a complete free.



My Jablotron web self-service for users of Jablotron systems Its enables you to remotely monitor and control your Jablotron systems from your PC, Android, Apple and Windows devices.


MyJablotron allows you to:

- ARM/DISARM the whole system or selected sections

- Switch ON / Switch OFF programmable outputs in your systems

- Review events in your alarm system

- Free notifications to selected people by SMS, EMAIL or as a

PUSH notification (arming, disarming, alarms, pictures and more)

- Share your Jablotron system with your family, co-workers, friends and customers.


My Jablotron supports:


Alarm sytems Jablotron 100, OASIS and AZOR.

Automation Jablotron 100, Communicator GD-04K

Car alarm Athos

GPS tracking CU-07 and CU-08



My Jablotron web self-service for installers MY COMPANY is a unique tool for installers for controlling all installed systems remotely from one place – changing settings, creating
professional business offers and finding the
necessary technical documentation and software in one place


Online preview of the current state of your installed Jablotron equipment. Clear classification, where you can view all devices with technical problems and detailed information


My Company is accessible from any device, servicing
Jablotron equipment and solve any problems remotely from anywhere.


My Company the tool for 21 century Installers


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