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Premium GSM Communicator Alarms

Would you like to have your devices, process or temperature under constant control, regardless of where you happen to be?


We know how to do it with this intelligent SMS communicator alarm.

You are far away from your devices and would like to set up or operate your appliances?


You want to receive alerts anywhere you are if a fault or if a changes occurred on your appliance?


Do you need to be informed about temperature changes or liquid level in your devices?


It is all possible, thanks to GSM communicators.

Easy Management with SMS Notifications

You can set user rights on the communicator for various individuals and groups, and thus control the entrance to a building or manage a water system. Setting the functions is possible with a programming via PC, SMS sent from your mobile phone or via the web.

Timeless design

The visual appearance of individual JABLOTRON 100 alarm devices was created in collaboration with top designers. Discover the beauty that blends in with your home.

Environmentally friendly installation

The combination of a wireless and wired solutions offered by the JABLOTRON 100 alarm allows environmentally friendly but also very affordable installation at your property. Benefit from our unique Jablotron wireless technology.

Multifunctional use

The JABLOTRON 100 protects you not only against theft, but also against fire, flood or gas leaks. It can control the heating or open garage doors. The diverse range of applications make the GSM communicator alarm a fantastic investment.

Accessible from anywhere

Thanks to the free self-service internet access you will be able to reach your JABLOTRON 100 alarm anywhere from your computer or smartphone. Control the alarm and view the events without any limitations.


For more information on the diverse range of products we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 09 948 4762


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