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NZ’s Professional GSM Security Camera System Provider

Keep your property secure with sophisticated surveillance technology. The wireless GSM camera is designed for monitoring small and medium-sized premises and sites such as apartments and offices as well as in and outside the home.


The GSM camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideal for monitoring NZ constructions sites, company premises and yards, small shops and holiday houses, vehicles and valuables.


The camera can be extended using JABLOTRON 80 wireless alarm system detectors, enabling you to benefit from Jablotron’s unique wireless technology.

Indoor and Outdoor Alarm Monitoring that’s Easy to Install

The EYE-02 camera is easy to install. The pre-set modes (home, outdoor, garage, surveillance and shop) and the setting-up software allow quick setting of the camera’s properties. This simple system makes it incredibly easy to set up your home security system.  

Multifunctional use

The EYE-02 GSM security and monitoring camera has 7 built-in detectors and a GSM communicator. Any alarm information is transmitted in the form of MMS, SMS, calls, e-mails or to a JabloTool free online cloud. This advanced technology enables you to use the security system in multiple ways to maintain the security of your property.

The Home Security Camera that is Accessible from Anywhere

The JabloTool feature comes free with the installation, and allows you to access the EYE-02 GSM camera from home, work, outside or on the road. Simply hop onto your computer or smartphone and have all the necessary control at your fingertips.


For more information on the diverse range of surveillance and alarm monitoring technology we offer at our NZ store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 09 948 4762.

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