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GPS Vehicle Monitoring

The monitoring of company vehicle movements is apart from the big companies now also affordable to smaller businesses and individuals, thanks to Jablotron products.


Manage your car fleet effectively!

With our products and by using the Free Car on the Map application, which is a part of the free web Self-Service My Jablotron cloud you can instantly monitor the position of vehicles, including their condition and speed. This allows you to pass accurate information to your customers in terms of the arrival times of your employees, check the time schedules or keep an eye on the fuel consumption or your loved ones.


The Car on the Map is also an assistant in cases when you do not want to waste time by filling in your company’s vehicle travel logbook, even if it is the only company car.

Cost Saving

Thanks to free web Self-Service My Jablotron cloud the only ongoing cost is a data from SIM card. Becouse of the low operating costs of the monitoring units, significant company resources allocated for the financing of vehicle operation can be saved. Only one coffee pays for the operating costs per month per vehicle.

Solution for small businesses and individuals

We offer simple, easy to install units at low purchase and operating costs suitable for monitoring your vehicles.

Solution for companies

For larger fleets we offer a solution comprising a unit for monitoring on duty/private trips, drivers identification and the availability of a panic signal should a driver run into trouble. Monitoring of concrete truck (e.g. mixing time), or truck driver driving time is also possible.

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