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NZ’s Leaders in GPS Tracking Devices

Our extensive experience with state of the art technology and security systems has enabled us to help businesses across the country with modern solutions, and provide individuals with convenient accessories.


Pacific GSM’s progressive GPS vehicle and motorbike tracking technology gives you the information you need to stay on top of your operational needs. Our products help you save resources, improve safety and maintain a general overview of how your company is progressing.

Car Security & GPS 

 Choose the solution that best meets your needs.


Unique vehicle security systems which, apart from ensuring superior guarding, also communicate via SMS and have the ability to track the vehicle location. 

Car Control

A wide selection of accessories for the convenient operation of your vehicle 

Accurate GPS devices for vehicle tracking across NZ

Don’t take a risk with smartphones and cheaply built units – our systems are developed by specialists with extensive industry experience that know exactly what is needed to make quality GPS tracking devices. Each vehicle is given a pinpoint location in real-time, with coverage all over the country to ensure you stay in the loop.

Giving your business distinct advantages

Through our range of Jablotron products, we are bringing the benefits of GPS trackers to NZ businesses of any size. Through an online platform you gain access to the locations of all company vehicles with information on their speed and condition. This lends itself to a variety of applications including:


  • Safety and security

  • Employee accountability

  • Accurate billing

  • Monitoring schedules

  • Estimating arrival times

Specialised GPS motorbike tracking

Our range of GPS trackers includes specially designed models for motorbikes – they fit comfortably to the body of the bike and are more conditioned to withstand weather and road conditions.

We serve companies in a variety of industries – talk to us a see how we can make fast and measurable improvements with GSM control.


Contact the experts


Give us a call on 09 948 4762 and our friendly team will be happy to discuss any of our professional solutions. Otherwise, message us through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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